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The Convince Her

There is no doubt that the strategy and techniques in this Manual work, if the reader learns them, customizes them to his situation, and applies them with a spirit of determination and fun.

This book has created a lot of enjoyment for both men and women. And we really mean, a lot.

Ivan & Victoria LeCasque


Know this: you can have what you want. You want your woman to have bigger breasts-perhaps very large breasts. You can achieve that.

Here comes a second surprise: handle this right, and the woman in your life will be your ally in her surgical enhancement, your happy collaborator. She will be glad you talked her into it.

There is simply no doubt that with breast augmentation comes enrichment in the sexual and social arena-and frequently financial as well.

Is This Really Going to Work?
Most likely, yes! Hell yes, it works. In a way, it's so simple. Of course, a minority of women are unshakably opposed to breast augmentation, and that is that. But most can come to consider it, then come to decide it's worth it, then come to delight in it.

The Convince Her Manual contains techniques, suggestions on what words to use, when to use them, and what to avoid doing or saying. It also contains-and I'm just being honest here-some tricks.  There have been readers who used ingenious deception to get their wife to take the leap, and it actually worked out very well in the situations of which I'm aware. This 'campaign' is probably going to be unlike anything else you've done before, and most guys say it is fun. Exciting. An adventure. Once their woman is 'on board' for the ride, so to speak, it really becomes fun.

How You Get Started

The Convince Her Manual will help you choose the moment and place to launch your campaign. It's actually more about getting yourself ready-then the next steps will be fairly clear, and we'll help you navigate them.

Overcoming Objections

"I'll look like a slut."

"We can talk about this after I'm done breastfeeding assuming we have kids."

"We can consider breast augmentation after we get a new house."

"My wardrobe won't fit. I'll have to replace everything."

"I won't be able to work out "

"I'll lose sensation in my nipples."

"I could die on the operating table."

"My family will know and judge me."

"It's too expensive."

"You don't like me the way I am."

"But you chose me knowing I'm flat-chested!"

"This is just to satisfy your lust."

"Only shallow people do plastic surgery."

Relax, we'll help you handle the objections.

To Succeed, This Has to Be About More than What YOU Want

The Convince Her Manual is not just about giving the man-you-what you want. Of course that's the goal, but it needs to be more than just that, in order to be successful. 

Absolutely, yes.

I spent a lot of years having sex that was missing something vital for me. It was like eating at a lot of fast-food restaurants. Plenty of food, and if you were really hungry, it tasted good. Fulfilling? No.

Now, sex is a gourmet experience. It's so good that after two days of deprivation, I climb the walls.

When you embark on this quest, to have your girlfriend or wife get bigger --- and possibly very large or even gigantic - breasts, you take the risk of upsetting her. The Manual helps you navigate through those perilous waters.

Women Don't Realize What Breasts Mean to Us

I expand on this later in the book, but women tend to think that to us, breasts are just about sex. That's our fault, because a lot of men express it as 'Whoa, check out those tits. Gotta tap that, damn.' We communicate wrongly. That in turn is because most men just don't realize how deep the meaning of big breasts run, nor how it's way beyond the physical. When you tune in to all the amazing reactions that gorgeous breasts create in us, you are already on the path to communicating with women about breast enhancement in a way that will be successful. This is important in your Breast Quest. Don't skip that chapter.

What Kind of Man Would Ask a Woman to Do That?
Soldiers who volunteer for repeat tours and risk death daily for their country. Accomplished politicians. Revered professors. Smart venture capital investors. Blue-collar guys. Typical frustrated husbands. Men who support women's rights and respect women, probably more than most women respect men. And a few jerks, of course.

Mistakes to Avoid - Don't Blow It

Don't skip the section on Mistakes to Avoid. That's important. The mistakes that are easy to fall into will sink your boat, blow the mission, and deflate those breasts you are dreaming about.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

If you like large breasts, particularly enhanced breasts, and your partner is open to becoming your fantasy woman, it will be one of the best investments in enjoyment and relationship excitement - for BOTH of you -- that you could possibly make. I'd estimate there is a 95% to 98% probability that your partner will be very pleased that she got breast implants, or replaced hers with bigger ones, to fulfill your fantasy.

I need to emphasize that I don't look like Brad Pitt. I'm not tall, rich, or famous, and although I stay in fairly good form physically, I am not young; I'm middle-aged. This is important because you don't need to be God's gift to womankind to seek something as extraordinary as another person altering her body for you. Just don't be surprised if she asks the same of you.

My first success is chronicled in an article published in Details Magazine back in 1995. You can read it on my website : www.implants4her.com http://www.implants4her.com

Back then I had no roadmap. I simply stumbled into a situation where a young woman in a small town considered me intriguing, exotic, sophisticated, unavailable-and her doorway to a much more interesting life in a bigger world.

When she figured out that I was fascinated by big breasts and breast augmentation, she tried that as a strategy to corral me. Women will go to great lengths for the man they want. And they often greatly resent doing anything outside their comfort zone for a man they take for granted.

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